Open and closed toe unisex sandals, hand-made in Spain whilst honouring time old traditions and techniques.

We strive for a more ethical and sustainable future. Using hand-made techniques which have been passed through several generations and perfected over many years.

It is no exaggeration when we say true craft takes time. Depending on the design, it takes our artisans from 45 min to 4 hours to make a pair of shoes and it takes a day for the rubber soles to dry and adhere.

Our shoes are made from strong, soft, flexible and natural jute. With crops growing in just 100 days, requiring minimal water, pesticides and fertilisers in cultivation. The outer crepe soles are made from 100% natural rubber.

Designed for comfort and hand stitched with waxed jute thread, each pair completely unique.

Our shoes are biodegradable. Less waste, calmer living and a joy to wear.

.OO. is simplicity, nature and back to essentials.